(Ultimate Survival Bracelet below comes with a standard plastic buckle)



(Click On Image to see whats at the core of the bracelet)


Note: All bracelets come in black 550 paracord only

Survival Bracelet size:

Survival Bracelet size:



You may now order our:

Deluxe Ultimate Survival Bracelet with a Whistle, Compass, Flint Fire Starter, and Scaper Buckle!




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...That's right my fellow survivalist, our Deluxe Homemade Bracelet comes with everything mentioned in the Ultimate Survival Bracelet above (the Firesteel is inside buckle instead of core), with a more advanced buckle with whistle, compass, flint fire starter, and a scraper which could also be used as a knife! All built into the buckle!

Deluxe Bracelet size:

Attention: Please allow 7 - 14 days for delivery.